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Personal Training Sessions in Yoga 

Personal Training programs in Fitness 

 May the light within us ....

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Your time is

right here, right NOW!

Our sessions are personalized according to those who are attending them. If you want a practice which offers a deeper learning experience with smaller class sizes which are attentive to your yoga interests, this is the space for you! 


We inspire you to go beyond. To dive into your transformation and embrace "The You" in each class. You don't have to be a Pretzel! All abilities are welcome. We are dedicated to assisting our students conscious evolution with acceptance and non- judgement.  We provide personal guided attentiveness and physical adjustments respectful to your needs. We actively provide the building blocks as a gateway to physical and spiritual wellness.  We understand your journey with compassion in a community of souls who vibe with you. 


Penny  Vandyke


This past summer I was very fortunate to be working out with "jewel' as my personal trainer. I started as a person that had a hard time getting off the floor with out assistance, to BEING ABLE to work out with her and  do yoga classes while feeling very able to do the exercises. She showed me what I could accomplish with giving me motivation and support. Jewel worked out with me, showing me how to do  the exercises properly without getting hurt and deterring injury. I was able to lose 35 pounds this year with her help and motivation!  Always with kind words and positive instruction. Never asking me  to push myself more than I could handle or physically do. Every week I could do more! I will be continuing with her this year to get to my final fitness and weight loss goals. It will take time and I am willing to take the time as I know I did not gain it all over night. With Jewels experience and support i know i will get there.  Thank you so much for helping me feel more in control of body mind and spirit!

Jenine Krammer


Dedication, motivation, inspiration. Jewel Denison checks all the boxes as an instructor of Yoga and Fitness.  This amazing person will skillfully teach you, support you and guide you. She will ensure you are safe with gentle corrections and guidance, as she coaches and brings out the best in you. AFTER 20 years I still Love Love her classes and style!


Barb Knowls


I have been practicing YOGA with jewel for over 20 years. Her infectious energy  and happiness makes the classes  enjoyable. every class is different, and she provides options for all levels! she is always looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills. she is thoughtful, caring and an all-around lovely person. truly a wonderful Yoga teacher!!    

Sarah Raferty


Over the last year I have had the privilege of training with Jewel, and just recently attending her Yoga classes. Her knowledge and understanding of the world of fitness and yoga is incredible! She makes training interesting, adventurous and always so much fun! I always look forward to seeing her bright bubbly personality every week. No matter what I have gone through, Jewel has always been able to motivate me to be my Best self. She is reliable, understanding and overall an amazing person.

Our Location

SUMMER LOCATION- 1048 Shallow Lane Sydenham. Dock Yoga and Ecco land training with requested elements of  kayak and paddle board options.

WINTER LOCATION>  4361 Amelia St., Sydenham Ontario



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