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(SATURDAYS 8:30 am)

Summer Dock Program

This class is composed of many different styles and variations of yoga. Incorporating gentle flows, core focus, Yin to open connective tissues, and restorative to aid in recovery and relaxation. A great introductory multilevel class, ideal for beginners and intermediate.


(Thursdays 6:30 pm)

This session is 90 minutes of YIN & YANG  Asana and relaxation 

All classes are additionally "tailored" according to the attendance  interests. Benefits of this class include enhanced balance, strength, flexibility & inner purification (organs) and stress reduction. This class is a weekly progression of both asana advancements with yogic  principles. The second half hour incorporates postures of  YIN YOGA adding tension & compression  to relax the muscle fascia passively penetrating into the  deeper  layers of tissue.   Knowledge from the most ancient of yoga practices (Sivananda) to more modern approaches are applied and taught to keep you motivated and dedicated to your practice. We learn to turn inward reconnecting with inner self.  We do respect individual pace and strength variations. I incorporate three main segments in this class. strength & vitality, balance & awareness & Peace and serenity . 


 (Tuesdays 6:30 pm)

In this yoga session you will learn to connect breath with movement. It is about the breath. It is about energy. It is about feeding the vessel and becoming physically and mentally strong. It is about truly letting go of the day and the minds chatter and being on your mat wholly! We practice  breathing techniques to balance our systems and provide optimal circulation to our organs. This class is composed of various  yoga postures which are linked together in a flow of movement.

  Adjustments and assists in form and execution of asana are offered in this session

Some yoga experience is an asset. 

Personalized orientation yoga  sessions are available and encouraged but not a prerequisite.



 Specialty class TBA


This class combines links of flowing yoga postures with connected breathing and energy driving power.    Light weights are added to some flows to increase strength the physical muscular body.  Lengthening  stretches  support the over all health of the facia and internal organs. In this class you will build a strong CORE with focus on spinal alignment and back health. This class is taught in a multi level atmosphere Some athletic ability is an asset. We shift, we move, we flow. We are STRONG!


One session 8 weeks = $150.00

Two Sessions 8 weeks 16 classes = $270.00

DROP IN $22.00



(Both Yoga and Fitness Training)

Single (one person) = $ 62.00 / hr

Double (two people) = $ 50.00 each / hr

Triple (3 &4 people) = $ 40.00 each / hr

Large group program and development = $280.00  (The preferred  location of training may be determined during the appointment reservation).Great for corporate team building, school programs, wellness days, etc.

Medium group private  session 6 to 8  participants = $200.00 

Small group private session ( Maximum 5) = $1600.00

Any classes / programs can be taught off site as a work shop or as  private groups. 

This includes facilitating group fitness classes.


Summer Aqua Fit

Be comfortable in your own pool with your own group of peeps. Walk out into your own backyard  to a guiding  program just for you and your health conscious friends. Enjoy the connection of laughter and movement as you support health and longevity of your body. Pool noodles needed!

Cost per hour: Single $62.00,  2-3 $30, 4-7 $25 PP,  8-10 $20 PP,  

Core Biotics:   $ 165.00 8 weeks

Its all about the CORE .... feeling good about a tight tummy and strong back. This practice  mixes the principals of FITNESS, YOGA & PILATES without the gym attitudes ... come and achieve inner and outer beauty in a space that is truly  reflective of just that .... YOU.


Trauma Sensitive Yoga: Private session = $ 85.00

 This is for anyone suffering from stress disorder, anxiety, PTSD or has experienced traumatic events. this program will improve your sleep, enhancing your REM. alleviating anger / irritability and promote emotional self regulation. traumatic events can cause intense feelings of fear, helplessness and lack of control. This can shatter an individuals sense of safety  and disrupt personal relationships. EXPECTED RESULTS; Hyper-Arousal balance, decrease cycles of stress, calms the minds fluctuations  & increases self regulation. A REST and REPAIR PROCESS.

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​Beautiful lake side yoga on Sysdenham Lake.  A short 20 minute relaxing drive from Kingston Ontario. Sydenham road to Rutledge road. Left turn onto Shallow Lane.

Reconnect with nature and reconnect your health.


Through out the year continual  Special event classes for open for All to Enjoy!

Sensory Yoga, Embodiment of Breath, Intro to Chakras, Yoga Trapeze Strengthen and Stretch, 

Drop in Rate $25.00




Unleash Your Best

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