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                                                         Certified Yogini 26 yrs

Jewel L .Denison

I have always  been a passionately curious soul. Yoga  over the past 27 years has  opened a whole world of curiosities and explorations for me. I am intrigued on how the mind works. How through  breathing , we can calm and balance  all our inner systems. I embrace the movement through asana ..... because I love  to MOVE!!!  Movement is energy and energy is LIFE! Yet the inner stillness, and focus of the mind, when we are one pointed is a wonderful exploration of awareness. Then we shift, we transform and we grow. In my early years I competed in a variety  of sports, however the WIN was never the driving force motivating me. It was more about what my body could do, how far I could push it and the power of the mind convincing the body that we can go beyond what we think we can do! I began instructing fitness classes, coaching and personal training clients in the early 1990's. It was not enough, there has to be more to achieving  fulfillment of self; becoming satisfied and happy with just who and what we are without constantly  thinking we need to be more. 

I am now very comfortable in my solitude of self....knowing ones own truth without judgement and expectation. Letting go of my stories which no longer serve me and loving my authentic life. Having nothing to prove because we are perfect just the way we are.

For 30 years I worked professionally in the Canadian prison system. You can imagine the challenges to remain positive and not to loose the purity of self  in such a dark world. Such a struggle for many walks of life in this environment.  I survived, I  grew and continued to smile brightly, embracing all of what  I learned around me as the human experience.

Aside from yoga, I enjoy the arts. painting on canvas, experimenting with resign, healthy gardening,  swishing through the trees on alpine skis  and drifting on the fluidity of  sparkling lakes with my dog Willow. I have taught yoga  while hiking  through the many terrains of Africa, while climbing  to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (highest free standing mountain in the world -  19,341 above sea level.). The temperatures at the higher elevations were so cold that only focused meditation would  alleviate my frozen toes to keep me one pointed to accomplish the goal to the summit! life  is amazing! we just need to embrace our journey and know our current path is right where we are supposed to be. A good teacher is one who practices and teaches by what one has learned. I am always learning and love to share all that I can give to assist others to progress into their own beautiful  authentic nature .

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